About us


RedX Asphalt History

Company Plan

REDX Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wide range of "Quality Building Materials" that are essential for today's construction market within Bahrain and the GCC. Having already supplied to many clients including government sector and major private construction companies based both and Bahrain and with an international presence. The company that was operated in 2009 has grown rapidly with the capital investment in both plant, machinery and most importantly its people.

Company startup

The company that was operated in 2009 has grown rapidly with the capital investment in both plant, machinery and most importantly its people. With over 2600 employees, RedX has successfully established 3 'state of the art' manufacturing plants within Kingdom of Bahrain, and the product range can now.

Company Journey

Equipped with a substantial distribution fleet that as sufficient delivery capacity to cover Bahrain and Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. RedX has established a vertically integrated business model that provides processing, storage, distribution and customized logistic solutions. Distinguished for its dynamic growth, prosperity and stability, RedX has been supporting large scale Civil Road Works & Road Aphalt construction projects by implementing innovative technologies. giving RedX Industries world class manufacturing and logistics systems, support by an "ERP" to enable our business to be fully integrated.

Now present

In 2009, RedX Industries has successfully established the Asphalt Division and registered as Category Grade “A” Contractor from the Ministry Of Works for Road Works, Asphalt Work and Road Marking. Redx Asphalt has been involved to some most of the prestigious project to various Government Entity and Private Client in the Kingdom. All this underpins our commitment to maintaining a fully compliant "ISO" registered company.



Financial Strength:

The nature of our business requires a strong financial base. At all times, we will retain sufficient capital resources to meet our commitments while continuing to make substantial investments in equipment and technology.

Corporate Image:

Pride in our organization is an integral part of our corporate culture. We differentiate ourselves from our competition not only through the color of our equipment and professional appearance of our staff but through the high level of quality and service that we provide.


The partnerships that have been developed and continue to prosper are the lifeblood of our business. These relationships must be cultivated through open communication and honesty.

Commitment to Integrity:

We will be committed to uncompromising values in our corporate conduct. Integrity, in the broadest sense, will guide our Company’s actions. We will always comply fully with all laws and regulations.



People Oriented:

Without our people, RedX Asphalt would not be where it is today. We recognize this, and that each individual is different and brings different strengths to our company. We strive to create an atmosphere that encourages each person to grow individually and yet makes us stronger as a whole

Customer Oriented:

Customer trust and confidence is crucial to our success. We always listen to the customer to determine his or her needs and we honor the commitments we make. We always remember that we are providing solutions to a problem.


We have found that honest, two-way communication between ourselves and with our customers is essential. This enables us to serve our customers in the best possible manner. It also helps us develop the kind of positive team atmosphere that insures our continued success. We also share ideas that allow us to reach and exceed our goals.

Trust and Respect:

At RedX Asphalt, every individual, whether an employee or a customer, has value and importance. Thus, we treat everyone with the utmost respect, courtesy, and trust.

Responsiveness to Change:

One thing that is constant in any environment is change. We consider change to be an opportunity for us, rather than a problem. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to continually adapt to changes that arise in the execution of our goals. To do this, we stress flexibility and creativity with our people, our equipment, our vendors, and our customers.

Innovation and Leadership:

Our ability to service our customers better than anyone else in the asphalt paving industry is the hallmark of our business. We are always searching for ways to improve this ability, be it through processes, products; by being the first to try new things. We consider ourselves to be the leader in our market, the benchmark by which all other paving and surfacing marking companies are measured.


Our goal at RedX Asphalt is to increase our net worth over time.. To do this, we maintain a policy of consistent, sustainable growth through financially sound and profitable business activities, without losing our leadership edge.


Our respect for the individual, we consider workplace safety to be of utmost importance.. We expect that all work will be performed in as safe a manner as possible, and will not tolerate anything less